Beta v0.10.0: Polishing update

Welcome back, explorer!

In this update we tried to bring more "life" in our game. We added extra animations which should make it clearer what is happening in battles and added art on some of the cards (currently for testing purposes). We really would like to hear your opinion about have it is implemented, but please give it a try first (if you really hate them, you can disable them).

Executing Effects

Card effects are now executed one-by-one.


Player can now level up the shop, increasing the probability of cards of higher rarity. Also if you level up to level 5, your hand size will be increased.

You can level up Shop by spending rerolls. You can level up 4 times.

Art on cards

In version 0.10 all basic cards have an art. The art dynamically changes transparency depending on where the card is and the cursor position.

Currently, it is possible to disable card arts in settings via "Disable Special Effects".

Balance changes


Mushroom King: Attack 10 - Attack 8
Raffenzia: Attack 20 - Attack 16 / Armor 2 - Armor 0


Backstab: Attack 3 - Attack 4
Side Module: Upgrade by 3 - Upgrade by 4
Firewall Exeption: + Armor 2
Indinite Ammo: Attack 6 - Attack 10, one connection.
Removable Plates: Armor 4 - Armor 8, one connection.
Thrust: Attack 3 - Attack 4
Unstable Field: Now placing Heal 1
Unstable Impulse: Now placing Weak Spot 3
Emergence Module: If HP<5 - Break 1

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Feb 11, 2021

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