Beta v0.11.0: Acid Update.

Two weeks pass and Wednesday comes, that means it is time for the next Beta update!

This update is focused on minor graphical improvements and new content. There are new card mechanics, all tokens are prettier now and we also remade "Reward Screen" that you see after finishing the run to make it clearer what rewards you actually got.

There was also some extensive code rewriting going on, so, please, if you encounter any bugs, let us know on Discord, Twitter or here.


- This is a new Acid token, it can be placed on the battlefield by cards or abilities. It will deal pure damage to the enemy each turn and become stronger as long as you close it with your cards.


All cards with the word “Ammo” in the title belong to the new card type “Ammo”. Currently there is only one ability that interacts with it, but we probably will make more synergies in the future.


There are 4 new abilities for you to explore.

Blueprints – All Ammo cards gain +3 attack 

Workout – Gain 1 Attack at the start of each turn, upgrade this after beating an elite or boss enemy 

Plague - At the start of your turn place an Acid token on board

Refactoring - Hand size increased by 2, you can't Draw additional cards

Rewards screen

The screen that you see when you beat the dungeon or die trying. You can now see progress of your achievements and rewards you got.

As usual, thank you for your attention! We would very much like to get any of your feedback!

See you soon!

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Feb 24, 2021

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