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Not every battle is a contest of power... In our game every battle is a puzzle! Use cards which you obtained during your descent to execute cool combinations and to confront enemies on the very same field they use to confront you!

Unique roguelike, deck builder with puzzle elements.

  • Plan your way through the dungeon either killing as many enemies as possible or going for a quick clear

  • Upgrade your deck by buying new cards in shop that is always availiable

  • No action points or mana system, you can play all cards from your hand if you manage to connect them to each other

Web: https://exilland.dev/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/exilland
Discord: https://discord.gg/cGQF2jyWTu
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1440350/Staff_Only

Proudly made with Godot Engine

Recommended resolution: 1920x1080


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Windows.zip 118 MB
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Windows Demo.zip 118 MB
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Game is excellent, but crashes regularly and without clear cause. Looking forward to future updates!


MacOS app doesn't launch at all, please fix it.

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Sorry, we don't have any Apple devices and I was too lazy to use VM for testing. I will reply here when we have a new build.

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Seems like there's problem right now with Godot Mono version on Mac, so until there's a fix I will remove the Mac version from this page :(

Thank you for the info, though!


Hope it will be fixed soon)

Thanks for trying to solve the problem)

Hey, Exilland. Do you allow for people to play and make videos about Staff Only on YouTube? What about monetization?

I'd like to make a first impression feedback/gametesting video and a summary feedback video. Structured as a likes and suggestions video from a player's perspective.

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We, of course, allow it, and you can monetize it however you want :)

I only would like to ask you to wait before new patch, since we will have some new content coming. We are releasing it today, though, so it probably should be no problem.

I'll be sure to wait for the patch before recording. Thanks for letting me make videos of the game. I'll post links when they're finished. :D


I really like the concept and the graphics.

Unfortunately, I couldn't play it for long, because my computer cannot reach the full resolution needed to see all of the screen...


Thanks for the comment :)

That's very unfortunate, could you please post a screenshot (or DM it) so we can research it. Even though the game itself renders in 1920*1080, you can resize window or check fullscreen option. It should squish or stretch the image accordingly, so you can see everything in the game.


Thanks for the reply!

Here you go.

As you can see, I can't actually reach the edges of the screen to try and resize it.

We've implemented some fixes regarding game resolution and tested it on a hardware we had available. I would greatly appreciate if you could check it out :)

It works! I can see all of the game now!




Can someone please tell me how to use cards that pop up after a battle?


There will be an in-game tutorial soon that will cover it.

You can add cards that pop-up after battle to your deck by clicking on the button under them with an energy symbol. There's a cost attached, so if you don't have enough energy (shown on the bottom-left of the screen) you won't be able to afford a new card. You gain energy by fighting monsters.


Looking good so far!  I played through a session and once I figured things out, had a good time and made it to the final boss.  The art is distinctive and stylish, and the transition from music to victory jingle is pretty clean no matter what part of the song it starts at.

Right away though, the first thing I wanted was a tutorial.  I'm still not sure what the numbers on the bottom left widget mean except for the center one, which is the total number of cards in your deck.  It's also pretty short, all things considered.  Size settings (small, medium, large) would give additional control over how long a game is on top of choosing how to navigate the board... and speaking of the board, I feel like the free spaces should do something.  Maybe you can backtrack through them, unlike enemy spaces, and/or they heal you by 1-3 points the first time you pass through.  Long-term it'd also be cool to see different "worlds", or even a "Challenge"/"Adventure" mode where when you beat the final boss of one world, you start in a new, harder board of a different world with your deck intact, and at some point there would be a real final boss.  For the "card shop", it might be useful to have a feature where you can pay to randomly re-assign the connections on a card you already own, ex. if it has one connection on the bottom, it's changed to have one connection on the top or one of the sides.

I look forward to seeing where Staff Only / Only Ruins Remain (?) goes.  I'm on a deck builder kick lately and this one really caught my attention.


Thank you so much for such an encouraging comment!

We're planning to update the game ASAP (ETA today or tomorrow) to include some sort of tutorial and to add an ability to backtrack through any node you've beaten (at least for now, we will probably change how it works in the future).
Long term we too want to expand on monsters roster and add multiple "dungeon floors" where you progress deeper and deeper with the same deck, akin to other dungeon-crawling deck-builders.

About numbers on the bottom left. On top you see your current "energy" which you spend in the shop, just under it you see five numbers. The central one, as you observed, is the number of cards, and four numbers around it are your card connections count (so the top one is the number of cards with the connection on top). We will cover it in the tutorial, but in our internal testing we found that it's essential for deck building to have balanced connections count.