Beta v0.13.0: Architecture Update

After a brief vacation we add new rooms to the bunker! It is now a little bit complex but also more rewarding to explore…

New rooms

Locked Storage Room – to open this room you have to spend Energy. It also contains some basic resources in it.

Crossroads – changes corridors around after each step

Auto Reroll – rerolls the shop when you enter

Library – you exchange rerolls for a new ability here

Recycle room – exchanges your Health for Energy

Balance changes

Over Charge – Now Removes itself and not the next card

Critical Error – changed connections

Recycle Techs – now Draws 2 Removed cards (was 1)

Duplicate – Attack 1, Attack 1, Armor 1 (extra Attack)

Infinite Ammo – removed one connection (4 -> 3)

Maneuver – Attack increased by 1

Regen Plates – removed one connection (4 -> 3)

Sword and Shield – Attack 1 (was 2), Armor 3 (was 1), 2 connections (was 3)

Stasis Gun – Attack 4. Armor 3. Draw 1, Remove, (more attack, added Draw)

Step Back – removed one connection (3 -> 2)

Hidden Roots – reworked, you will have to find and buy 2 of these to gain a new ability

This is it for now. See you in two weeks! Would like to hear what you think, here and on our Discord!
We have some work to do…

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Apr 14, 2021

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